About Us

O.P.Gulati have born in the family of Shri Thakurdas .B. Gulati and Smt.Devki Gulati From the beginning he was very ambitious and intelligent.

He incorporated M/s, Radha Krishna Enterprises in 1988 .Earlier they used to supply natural coal from North East Assam.His visionary and could forsee that in the year to come the key to success was diversification. So, in the year 2005 M/s. Radha Krishna Sales Pvt. Ltd. got itself registered for the supply of COAL / Mill Scale Powder / Crystal Quartz / Bamboo Poles / Tea.

We have been developing from scratch, step by step learning each and every stage of development and changes in the industry thus having a concrete base and intense knowledge to face any challenge that may come today. 17 years of Vast and Vital Exprience in Coal fields of North East India Coal We have our office located at the heart of Guwahat , the Capital City of Assam State, Each personnel in the operation of business is highly skilled and highly experienced. We have a very good financial background to take up multiple orders upto 6 shiploads / Railwayload / Truckload. in one shot. Supplying to Various states of India and Exporting to Bhutan / Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Coal Mine

  • The Mine is located at Upper Assam approximately 400 kilometers town which is widely known as high deposit mine area.
  • The total area of the mine is approximately 6,58,000 tonnes of coal reserve.
  • The coal quality is of high calorie value, ranging from 6700 GCV to 5500 GCV.
  • There are different Coal Mines with Various Parameter depending upon demand we supply accordingly.

Please be free to sent us email in case if you need more Detail / Specification for above Product. With Specification we will be more comfortable to offer you best lowest offer PRICE.

We Deal All Types of: Coal / Mill Scale Powder / Crystal Quartz./ Bamboo Poles / Tea.

Mobile Number: 09207120127 / 09707779852

Email id: rke2158@yahoo.com / carnival200582@yahoo.in

Company ‘s Certficate of Incorporation No: U51909AS2011PTC010398

Trade Licence No: 116066 / IEC Code: 1411000251 / VAT No: 18970149719
CST No: 18419934888 / PAN No: AAFCR11729R.

“Quality is Never an Accident, It is Always the Results of Intelligent Efforts”

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