Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined petroleum coke (CPC) is the product from calcining petroleum coke. This coke is the product of the coker unit in a crude oil refinery. The calcined petroleum coke is used to make anodes for the aluminium, steel and titanium smelting industry. The green coke must have sufficiently low metals content in order to be used as anode material. Green coke with this low metals content is referred to as anode grade coke. The green coke with too high metals content will not be calcined and is used for burning. This green coke is called fuel grade coke.

Carburiser, calcined petroleum coke, CPC

Calcined petroleum coke (CPC, Carbon raiser, carbon additive, carburiser)

Fixed carbon: 98/98.5/99% min
Ash: 0.50%~1.0% max
S: 0.50-2.0% max
Moisture: 0.3-1.0% max
V.M: 0.5-1.0% max
Size: 0-4mm, 1-5mm, or as buyer’s option
Packing: in 1MT bag, or in 25kg bag then in 1MT bag

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